Day #1 - Womb Healing

Today, let’s begin with a nice, long, slow deep inhale.   And then, and even longer, even slower exhale, and feel yourself arrive.  

You’ve just begun your five days of deep soothing and nourishing for your nervous system.   Over our next five days, you’ll start to down shift, relax and tune into your body so that you can hear it’s whispers and desires more clearly than ever before.

Today, we begin with a healing practice for your womb.   This practice will help you to connect to your womb, or the energy of your womb (connect to the energy in the absence of a physical womb) a space of creativity and deep grounding inside your body.

You can do this practice either sitting or lying down.

Start by feeling the heartbeat of your womb, the creative life force that pulses through your womb, or the energy of your womb.  After you feel the heartbeat, speak lovingly to your womb, “I love you” or anything else that you intuitively sense your womb needs to hear.

Then gather up both earthly and heavenly energies in your hands and swirl them together into a diamond healing light.   You’ll swirl this diamond energy from your hands into your womb clearing out any stuck, stagnant or toxic energies letting them drain from your womb deep into the earth.

Inhale deeply and expand your breath all the way down into your pelvis.  As you exhale, contract and squeeze all of the muscles around your womb squeezing out any remaining stuck, stagnant or toxic energies letting them flow into the earth.   When you inhale, feel fresh alive vibrant energy fill up your womb space.

Bring a big, bold smile to your face and send this smiling energy directly to your womb, or energy of your womb.

Rest for as long as you need before you continue on with your day.

If you’d like an audio recording to follow along to or to download, click the link below.

I’d love to hear how your practice felt.  Please know that this is a conversation and that I’m here and ready to connect with you about what you’re experiencing.   

Robin Joy

photo credit: JLW Photography