Day #3 - Bone Breathing

Back in October, I had the opportunity to spend a week doing intense breathwork practices and working on my business capped off by a yoga festival where I tried Kundalini yoga for the first time.   I had already been cracked open, and was feeling a little light in the feet when I arrived at the festival.

By the end of the first Kundalini practice I was floating.  Quite literally. I actually do think I might have levitated.

My point?

Working with energy can leave you feeling ungrounded.  If you’re a metaphysical leaning, crystal slinging, woo loving self development junkie like me, you’ll probably know ungrounded well.  I know I’m encroaching on that territory when I’m writing flowery posts with lots of language like “highest potential” and “divine love” and “you are light woman, pure ecstatic diamond quality LIGHT”.

It feels good, but it’s not sustainable AND it makes it darn near impossible to get anything tangible done.  You may also find yourself teetering on the edge of spiritual bypass which is tricky territory when you’re on the path of honesty, vulnerability and authenticity.   Truth is, you’ve gotta get your feet into the mud and FEEL your way through this stuff.

Today’s practice, Bone Breathing, is my all time favourite grounding practice from Jade Egg teacher Minke De Vos.   It’s my go-to when I’m feeling spinny, and disconnected. It helps me tune into my body and into earth energy. It helps me sleep and it helps me nourish myself at the deepest possible level so that I can feel at home inside my body and on this planet.

You’ll lie down on your back with your palms turned to the ground, your knees bent and your feet also on the ground.  If you can get outside, make sure that you do this practice directly on the earth! Otherwise, get as close as you can to her.

In this practice you’ll utilize the earth energy by sipping it up into your bones and expanding your bones then squeezing your bones to release stagnant, stuck or toxic energy from your bones back down into the earth.   Then you’ll breathe this same earth energy up from the earth and feel it wrapping around your bones and as you exhale pushing this grounding energy deep into your bones.

This is deep deep nourishment for your bones.   Rest quietly after you are finished connecting to the energy of the earth below you.

If you’d like an audio recording of this practice, click on the link below.

Once you’ve tried this practice, I’d love to hear from you.   I want to know what your experience of feeling ungrounded or out of balance is like and how you’ve managed it in the past.  What keeps you feeling grounded or connected to the earth? Can you see yourself incorporating this practice into the ways in which you continue to connect to your authentic, soulful sensual nature?

I’m looking forward to chatting,




photo credit: JLW Photography