Day #4 - Inner Smile

Have you ever heard of laughter yoga?

I remember the first time I tried it.   It was at a hypnobirthing class.  I was a bit self conscious and a little bit skeptical. Okay, a lot skeptical.   I laughed, it was fake at first and then it turned to genuine laughter. It felt good.

Anyway, I’m a HUGE fan of faking it until you make it.   This is a GREAT way to work with energy practices. You might be super sensitive to energy, and you may be wondering how on earth one might possibly feel energy moving through their body.   You’re convinced it’s all made up or that you’re just not magical enough to feel it.

I can assure you that I’m not magical, not in the metaphysical woo kind of way anyway.  I’m actually not an empath (like, for real - I can intuit your emotions, but I don’t feel them).  I can’t see dead people. I don’t talk to my guides or spirits or enlightened masters (I hire people to do this for me).  I can kind of feel energy in your body, but mostly I feel like I’m guessing and it took me a long long long time to feel energy in my own body.

I can feel it now, and sometimes I can feel it as powerful, obvious waves of electricity.  It’s really cool! Wanna know how I did it? Faked it.

That’s right.  I just imagined that I could feel energy inside my body until, one day I could actually feel it.  Just like laughter yoga.

And, just like our practice today as well.  

The "inner smile” practice is pure joy in my mind.   Don’t let the name “inner” smile fool you.   In order to really pull this practice off, you’ve got to put the cheesiest, biggest, brightest smile on your face and beam that goodness throughout your whole body.   

So, even if you’re not feeling the smile or it feels forced or fake at first, I can assure you that after you do this practice for a while or maybe after trying it a few times that smile becomes fully genuine and 100% real.   So much so that even if you thought at one time you weren’t a magical human being, you’ll soon realize that you actually are! You are magic through and through.

The inner smile practice is the best practice for shifting the vibrational quality of energy inside your body.   It harmonizes and nourishes. You can smile into any part of your body or into your whole body part by part. If you struggle with drama, negativity, or have a defeatist mentality  you can utilize this practice to shift this pattern in your body to one that feels lighter, more joyful and exuberant. Try it for a few days and see how you feel.

This practice can be self directed or you can utilize the audio recording below.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this one and I’d love to chat with you about your experiences with feeling magical, connecting with your energy, and faking it until you make it.   As always, conversation is how we connect and despite this being an online experience there are two of us and that’s all it takes for us to have a genuine, real conversation! You see… even your “fake” friends on the internet, you know, the ones you’ve never even met have the potential to be authentically real friendships when you give them some attention.




photo credit: JLW Photography