Day #5 - Breast Massage

Here we are.  Day 5. I’m genuinely curious: How have you been doing?  Have you been creating space for some of these practices? Have you let them collect in your inbox?  What has been your experience so far? Maybe you really connected with one or two of the practices and maybe you’ve had a really difficult time slowing your life down.

What’s beautiful about all of this is that these practices aren’t going anywhere.   You can keep them in a file in your inbox or you can visit my website anytime you’re feeling a call to slow down and tune into your body in a deeply soothing and nourishing way.

You’re an amazing, accomplished, powerful woman and you’re doing good things on this planet.  You know that your growth and transformation is in service of more than just your own individual needs.  You know that the healing of the individual is the healing of the collective.

And, hopefully by now you also know that taking really good care of yourself and making sure that you tune in to yourself on a regular basis keeps you grounded, nourished and relaxed enough to keep doing the good work that you do.

I also want to remind you that you don’t have to do it all and what you can do can feel good.  It can be pleasurable, even.

I used to think that I had to get to a certain point in my personal development before I’d feel happy or content with my life. I created rules and conditions for living that kept me on a path of improvement but also really restricted my capacity to tap into my own intution.  

In 2016, I burned out.   Like seriously burned out.  I didn’t want to teach another yoga class, and I was ready to give up a career that I had nurtured and grown so lovingly.  But, I was exhausted and I was tired of trying to keep up with myself.

It was at that time that I discovered a woman by the name of Layla Martin.   Over the past 5 days you’ve been enjoying practices that Layla taught me in her Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching program, a 600+ hour training that has quite literally rocked my world.

And, while I’m still prone to over working and over doing - I know how to slow down, and I know how to tap into sensuality and pleasure to nourish my body, my heart and my mind so that I can continue creating, teaching and growing my career and living a life that feels vibrant, alive and 100% turned on!

One of the first practices that I learned from Layla was breast massage.   From the first powerful reframing of connecting to my breasts because it feels good instead of because they need to be checked for cancer to the recognition that this practice is deeply transformative - breast massage has hands down been the single most impactful practice I have learned in the past two years of studying with Layla.

Breast massage rewires your relationship with your breasts making it one of pleasure, appreciation and love.   Because our breasts are so closely linked to our hearts, this practice nurtures feelings of self love unlike anything I have ever experienced.

With a regular practice of breast massage, I have created some movement around years and years of body shame and self hate.  I can honestly say that 98% of the time I adore my body and feel deeply grateful for her. I feel good in my skin, I can tap into pleasure and sensuality with ease and I can FEEL her in relationship to others and the world around me.  Loving my body in this way has helped me feel more creative, confident, vibrant and alive.

And while, there are MANY other practices that I do to foster this deep, healing relationship with myself and my body - breast massage has always been the one I suggest first to both my clients and my friends because I know it works and it also feels really really good!  

You’ll need a skin friendly oil for this practice and you’ll want to start by massaging up on the outside and down on the inside with the palms of your hands.   As you massage, breathe deeply into your heart centre and consciously release anything from your breasts that you feel is out of alignment or no longer in service, like: shame, fear, stagnation, grief, anger, etc.

Then you’ll reverse the massage direction and call in energies to your breasts like pleasure, health, love, joy etc.   If you have breast cancer or you are at risk fo breast cancer, instead of massaging in this direction, simply just cup your breasts to call in these energies.   This direction brings energy into your breasts which you’ll want to avoid. If your breasts are healthy, you may even notice that a regular breast massage practice increases the bouyancy and size of your breasts!  

After massaging, gently cup your breasts and bounce them lightly moving your hands around your breasts and then hold your breasts to your body and express all the things you love about them, “you’re so beautiful”, “you’re full of love”, “I love the way you feel and the pleasure you bring me” etc etc.

Like all of the practices I’ve shared over the last 5 days, breast massage is not mean to be done as an isolated practice.  Establishing a regular practice is what creates the space for the shifts I mentioned above to begin happening.

I’d love to hear what you thought of breast massage and of all of the previous practices I’ve shared over the past five days.   If you have loved working with your body in this deeply healing and nourishing way, make sure that you open the email that I’m going to send you tomorrow.   In that email, I’ll let you in on a way that you can continue to nourish and soothe your body with sensual practices that are both deeply healing, and pleasurable.   

Somewhere along the way we thought that self development had to be work, and it’s my mission to show you that while there may be challenges and struggles you’ll face it can also feel really really good.  

Stay tuned,


Photo Credit: JLW Photography