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for women who are on the path of living fully

You’re doing an amazing job of taking care of yourself - from your yoga studio membership, to the organic food you buy.  From taking the time to spend an afternoon with your bestie at the spa to reading the latest, greatest self development book.  Self care has become a priority for women like you, and I think this is deserving of celebration! 

In a world that is full of distractions, activity, and doing - it can be hard to remember to show up for yourself, and to do the things that make you feel nourished and whole.  And I’m sure you know, that when you take that time for yourself everything runs more smoothly and feels balanced.

Yet, do you ever find that all the things you “do” to take care of yourself start to add up? And at times, it feels like a potpourri of expectations.   Add to this: serious FOMO or even worse, shame, if you skip out on the continuous path of self development you’re on.

Sometimes, you need a break.  A time to turn inward, to reflect, to let go of all the “shoulds” and simply just “be”.  Like the natural world, you also have seasons. You’re a cyclical Being, flowing in and out of expansion and rest over and over again.

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You’re not designed to keep going with the self help work, the expansion, the transformation without resting.   Often, you’ll find that deep rest and body nourishment is exactly what you need. Time to let go of the effort and come into stillness, and reflection.  Your nervous system wants to breathe out a nice long slow exhale - and let go.

It doesn’t mean you’ve failed, and you’ll not lose your way along the path.  Consider it a rest stop.

Does this sound like something you might need in your life?

Maybe not today, but I’m sure you’ve been at the point of needing deep rest in the past, and you know you’ll be in this place in the future.   You’ll know when it’s time to slow it all down and nourish yourself deeply, from the inside out.  

If that time is now, or in the future, I want you to know that resting is Divine, it’s needed, and you’ll feel so much better having taken some time to pause.  I’ve created something to help guide you into deep, soul soothing ease.

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I’ve created a 5 day journey of sensual self care that will help you to nourish and soothe your nervous system.  It’s a collection of my favourite healing practices that always make me feel balanced, grounded, grateful, relaxed and full of love.

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I’m sharing these practices with you because I know your journey well.   I’m on the path too, and I know your unquenchable desire to keep learning, growing, transforming and experiencing new ways of being alive on this gorgeous planet.  

I've burned myself out over and over again in the past with striving and goal setting, getting to the point of feeling fed up with all the different healing modalities, books, practices and courses out there to help me be my very best self.  Every time I turn around, there’s something new to try. I’m sure you’ve noticed that too.

And, if I’m being completely honest,  you don’t need  90% of what’s out there in the world of personal development.   But, unless you take the time to rest into the bliss of simply being you - how can you possibly know what’s right for you and what isn’t?

These five days are not just about slowing down and resting.   They are about rediscovering simplicity in your self care routine.  This is about slowing down, reflecting and allowing your natural inclination toward wholeness to shine through,  so that when you're ready, you can return to your journey with clarity, a sense of ease and the recognition that you already have everything you need.   The path you’re on is only about finding the right tools to help you remember that you are already whole, in each and every moment going forward.

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Ultimately, this is about ease.  It’s about awakening your sensual side, and offering you a space to connect intimately with your body and your breath.   

I’d love to have you join me, click the link below to get access to 5 Days of Sensual Self Care to Soothe + Nourish Your Body.

Here’s what you can expect during the 5 Days to Soothe + Nourish Your Body:


Day #1 - Womb Healing

Honouring the power and magic of your womb space.  On day one  we’ll do a soothing womb healing practice that both honours and nourishes your womb, or the energy of your womb.



Day #2 - Ovarian Breathing 

In this incredibly nourishing breath practice, you’ll cycle the creative energy of your ovaries through your whole body amping up your innate soulful sensuality.



Day #3 - Bone Breathing

This is my favourite grounding practice.  Utilize the deep healing energies of the earth to nourish your bones.



Day #4 - The Inner Smile 

Radiate a deep sense of happiness, love and joy throughout your whole body.   This practice simply just feels good, and is the perfect way to raise your vibration when you’re feeling disconnected, or out of balance.  Pure love + joy!




Day #5 - Breast Massage 

Without a doubt the most powerful self love practice you can do.   Starting this as a regular practice will change your life. I’m not even exaggerating.  And, it feels good. Perfection.


These are my regular practices as taught to me by my teacher, Layla Martin. Each practice has been curated for this email series because they have been foundational in keeping my nervous system relaxed and calm as I walk the path of living fully, and vibrantly. Even just reading the descriptions relaxes my whole body.

I’d love for you to experience this type of nourishment.  


Are you ready to dive in?