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Soul Garden Yoga Online is your space for yoga, meditation, community connection & personal growth on the internet.
Practice yoga & meditation in the comfort of your own home, with a loving & supportive community. 

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"Take a big, deep, relaxing breath. Can you feel the your body relax and melt into a calm state? Well, that's how I feel every time I take a class from Soul Garden Yoga."

Reduce stress & connect to your body by practicing yoga with us.


It isn't always easy to get to a yoga studio for your practice, but practicing at home on your own never really feels quite the same does it? 

You love having the accountability of showing up for a scheduled class, of practicing in community, and being led by a teacher you know & trust. You've  tried joining an online yoga membership in the past but being limited to recorded practices with teachers you'll never get to know just didn't feel right to you.

Soul Garden Yoga Online was created for folks just like you.  People with busy lives, with kids at home, who have unusual schedules, or circumstances that make practicing at a yoga studio difficult, or even impossible.

Our intention is to create a community of practice online that feels just like our in person community at Soul Garden Yoga Studio.

Soul Garden Yoga is a hidden gem nestled onto our property in a small Saskatchewan prairie town.   Our students are dedicated and loyal and our community is close knit and welcoming.

This is your invitation to join our community online for yoga, meditation, breathwork & more.

If you're new to our studio, welcome.

If you've been around for a while and want to expand your practice to this online space, welcome.

We're so happy that you're here.

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"Your teachings are amazing.  I am doing more yoga than I normally do and it has been helpful."

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Live Online Yoga

5+ live online yoga classes per week, plus a variety of "on demand" classes for every practice level.

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Meditation & Breathwork

New meditation audio recordings & breathwork practices each month designed to improve focus and reduce stress.

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Journalling Prompts & Themed Content

Spend time reflecting with themed journalling prompts sent out at the beginning of every month.

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"Soul Garden Yoga is an environment that always makes me leave class more nourished and more confident than when I first stepped onto my mat. I would highly recommend taking a class"

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"I know that since I started practicing with Robin and her team, my body has felt better than ever. I feel whole again."


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"Soul Garden is a perfect balance between the convenience of an online yoga option while still maintaining a community feel. For anyone who doesn't think they're interested in yoga, or are intimidated by in-class options, I'd recommend they give Soul Garden online a try."

Join us today.

Make a commitment to yourself today and join us inside this online yoga community that is like no other.  We can't wait to welcome you & share our practice with you.

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"I really appreciate the structure and amount of content Soul Garden Yoga provides. Robin does a great job of making the classes relevant to the worries of the day - you can tell she is professionally trained. There are lots of online yoga classes out there, but their quality isn't always as good as I hope. It's nice to have a local, one stop shop for all my yoga needs. Robin provides a variety of styles of yoga (yin, flow, yoga nidra) which I really like. I also love the fact that all the classes are recorded for member's use at a later date, so you can practice whenever you prefer, even if you didn't make it to class. Best of all, the online format allows you to do yoga in the comfort of your own home, where you can make any of Robin's suggested modifications without feeling out of place."

Meet the Soul Garden Yoga Online  teaching team:

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Bellyfit® | Vinyasa

500 hr CYT, 600 hr Coaching Certification, 10+ years teaching yoga & Bellyfit, all around badass.

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Body Positive Yoga

200 hr CYT, Non-diet Holistic Nutritionist, Food Freedom Coach, deep, kind-hearted & oh, so, soulful.

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Pleasure Flow Yoga

2 X 2oo hr CYT, 600 hr Coaching Certification, 5 years teaching yoga, will teach you how to chill the f*ck out.

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400 hr YTT, CSEP- CPT Certified Personal Trainer.  Kim brings a heartful desire to be in service to all of her offerings.

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Flow | Yin | Meditation | Catharsis

300 hr CYT, 600 hr Coaching Certification, Reiki Master Practitioner, 10 years teaching yoga.  Robin is the owner of SGY & the creative genius behind this membership. 

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"I really appreciate your great work on these sessions – you’re giving us our money’s worth"

With every membership purchased, we'll contribute to our scholarship fund to grant free memberships & training for teachers, essential services providers,  health care workers & those in need. 

This is about so much more than ourselves.  As a special incentive to sign up, your purchase will give another person access to our community or our teacher training.  With every membership sold, we'll be contributing to our scholarship fund so we can grant free memberships & trainings to teachers, health care workers, essential services provider, or anyone who is unable to pay for a yoga membership or teacher training right now.

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"Soul Garden Yoga's style of teaching is gentle and nourishing. I am a mother of four and a full-time student, and the on-demand portion of Soul Garden Yoga is perfect for busy parents like me who have ever-changing schedules."

Choose one of our membership options starting at $40 and receive:

  • 12+ live led online yoga classes per month
  • Access to meditation & breathwork practices 
  • monthly themed journal prompts 
  • access to a community Facebook group
  • access to an "on demand" library of previous class recordings 
  • BONUS with every membership sold, we contribute to our scholarship fund to offer no or low cost training & membership to a teacher, health care worker or person in need
Start practicing immediately - get instant access today!

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"There are hundreds of yoga videos online, but Soul Garden online is by far the way to go. The instructors take time to build rapport with their students and understand their needs, which encourages me to attend regularly. The technology is great (very few glitches) and the fact that we're supporting local business is a bonus."

Check out our schedule: 

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"Great yoga teacher! She knows what you are having trouble with without even seeing you - she knows just when to remind us to breath, unclench our jaws, engage the foot or thigh we had forgotten about, or try a modification to the pose. Soul Garden doesn't make yoga into a fitness competition, as some yoga instructors do."

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We're looking forward to having you join us in the Soul Garden Yoga Online studio.  Click the link below to pick your membership level. 

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