“Robin is a joy to learn from and be coached by, first because of her deep embodied wisdom and compassion, and second because of her sheer gorgeous sexiness (look at her!!!). This woman makes doing business feel sexy, and she makes you feel sexy in the process too. Which of course is marvellous and hugely magnetic for the business side of things too!”
— Keeley Olivia, Holistic Sexuality Coach, Teacher & Author of "Unleashing The Female O"

Happy Clients


Your guided practice helped me get out of my head and into my core feelings where I was able to connect with my inner beautiful sex goddess... And she enticingly purrs...rrreow, yet is gently sensual and free. Smoother, more natural movements...not pre-imaged or worried of what I think a male partner would like. Simply authentically sexy!

- Annonymous



Yesssss....My body was vibrating on an entirely new level after working with Robin. She effortlessly guided me to a deep sense of clarity and aliveness in my mind. I reached out to her during a time of confusion and stuckness in my life and career. I felt safe and nurtured in the process, allowing me to see past my mental blocks. I feel so much gratitude for the time I spent with her.

— Alisia Ray

Thanks for the class Robin.  It was awesome.  Such a safe, easy way to get back in touch with my 'sexy self' and Inner Power that have both been neglected for too long.  I look forward to doing more of these in the future.


PS Loved the playlist as well.

- Annonymous



Coaching with Robin helped me gain clarity on who I am as an entrepreneur, what my core messages are and what I want to share with the world. This training helped me develop my "brand" that feels genuine and true to me. I highly recommend any type of coaching with Robin - she will guide you with ease to greater awareness, clarity and flow in your life and your business.

— Janelle Fettes

Wow! I'm so blissed out at the moment.  What a stunning way to connect deeply and fully with myself.  I feel content, in flow, connected, sexy, alive, rejuvenated.  I found places of pleasure that I haven't experienced before.  I found myself having a different sexual conversation than I'm used to and I loved it. Your passion for helping women explore their 'sexy' is evident. You are a gift!!

- Annonymous


Robin has shown me that having daily rituals (whatever you may choose) can make your personal and work life so much more pleasurable. I love writing in my gratitude journal daily, making sure I have some lemon water and get some time to myself to make my day more enjoyable. My core desired feeling is JOY and this is helpful in making me feel more joyful every day!

— Chanelle Morin

I touched myself in ways I never have before and felt myself awakening to some sensations that I'd either forgotten about or haven't explored in a long time.  I liked being guided through how to explore my sensuality and pleasure myself in a way that wasn't focused on climaxing.  I don't really know what I like and I haven't taken the time to figure that out on my own.

- Annonymous



Through Robin's guidance, I have transformed my business from a hectic & chaotic (but full of love) passion to a ritual based, organized and pleasurable business. Robin is always there for me and with that brings great pleasure. To know I have such an inspirational, successful woman that has my back and wants ALL of us to succeed is a true blessing!

— Krista Rusk


Robin's ability to create community and sisterhood is amazing and it feels so good! This work seems minor but as you keep diving deeper, you peel back layers of yourself and get to ask yourself the most important question, "how do I want to feel?" There is a lot of hard work that goes into answering the question (my advice is to get some girlfriends and hash out some of the questions together!) It was a marvellous experience. 

— Janelle Gheyssen

Going through the Desire Map sessions with Robin has changed my life — I haven’t felt this loving, easy, and joyful since I was a kid! I went from approaching life with grim resolve (or dread) to waking up with optimism and gratitude. I would not have gotten this result without Robin’s compassionate, gentle guidance — she helped me peel back layers of disillusionment and self-doubt that had kept me from reaching for true joy. Not only was the workshop a beautiful gift for me, but also for my kids and spouse, now that I am able to genuinely enjoy them, thank you so so so much Robin Hilton Bowden

—Juliana Saxberg

Robin suggested I try “The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul”. Clearly, what I had tried before had not worked. So, sign me up!  Through questions, activities and conversations, Robin helped me identify repetitive feelings that I desired. She gently urged me to go beyond the frivolous emotions, and instead, opt for the fabulous.  Robin is a consummate coach. She taught me that if I focused on my emotions and values, the compass for my life and goals would become aligned. Goal- setting has since become pleasurable and gratifying.  Choose to feel empowered and emboldened. Learn to be more, desire more, and deserve more.  Thank you, Robin, for this enlightening journey.

—Sherry Carlton

The Desire Map process has given me amazing insights about how to move toward what I really want in my life... starting immediately. Robin's skill, passion and intuitive understanding of the Desire Map shines through and quickly dissolved any apprehensions I had about doing my own Map. Thanks Robin!

— Tracy Knutson