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Thank you so much for joining Wild + Divine

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You did it! You said YES to prioritizing your vitality, your pleasure, your erotic power and your turn on! I can't wait to support you as you explore this integral piece of who you are as a woman.

Every week, you'll see the most recent class pop up on the membership site with the direct link to the Zoom call included. The day following the practice, the link will change to the replay link. All replays will stay on the portal for at least a month or more depending on what classes are being offered the following month.

New content will be popping up on the Membership page continuously - so keep checking in regularly. It's my suggestion that you commit to at least 3 practices a week. Make time for yourself, and put it in your schedule.

Every week you'll also receive access to a yoga class or meditation. Sometimes these will be live on Zoom and other times you'll see a new recording pop up on the membership page - a great reason to keep checking in on a regular basis.

I've decided against a Facebook group for this membership because I honestly don't think anyone needs another group to check day in and day out. If you're looking for support you can always email me or write in the comments on the membership site itself. This is a great place to ask questions and get to know each other.

I'll be sending out email on a semi regular basis to keep in touch and to let you know how the membership is growing or if I decide to make any significant changes to the structure, where I host, and how I host. My desire is to keep it simple, accessible, and fun!

From time to time you'll hear from me with a special offer. This may be for discounts on 1:1 coaching packages or live workshops. As members of Wild + Divine online, you'll be the first to know when I'm offering workshops, retreats, or trainings.

If you ever have any questions, please let me know - I'm here for you!!

Have the most wonderful day!


Robin Joy


“Wow, I’m so blissed out at the moment. What a stunning way to connect deeply and fully with myself. I feel content, in flow, connected, sexy, alive, rejuvenated. I found places of pleasure that I haven’t experienced before. I found myself having a different sensual conversation than I’m used to and I loved it! What a fulfilling and amazing practice. It’s one that I intend on doing over and over. Wow... still in a raw state of bliss. Gratitude for you dear soul! Your passion for helping women explore their ‘sexy’ is evident. You are a gift!
— Wild + Divine Client


Your Wild + Divine Membership includes:

  • weekly live Jade Egg or Tantra classes on Zoom: You practice in the comfort of your home while receiving my powerful transmission teachings via the intenet

  • extended replay availability: Drop in live class attendees ($15/drop in) have access to the replay of the live classes for just one week.  Wild + Divine Members enjoy extended access for an entire month, or even longer depending on the class

  • access to an extensive back catalogue of audio and video practice recordings: I've been creating content related to what I share in Wild + Divine for over two years and now, and finally there'll be a space to house everything 

  • exclusive members only weekly live or recorded yoga, breath work and meditation practices designed to offer you an embodied experience of Tantra

  • exclusive access to Sensual + Soulful Women, a members only interview series with inspiring women who have tapped into living sensually alive lives

  • first to know status on all of my live workshop or retreat offerings plus special discounts on 1:1 coaching packages available to members only

  • locked in introductory pricing: if the membership price ever rises, you'll continue to pay $28/month for as long as you maintain your membership status

Your guided practice helped me get out of my head and into my core feelings where I was able to connect with my inner beautiful sex goddess... And she enticingly purrs... rrreow, yet is gently sensual and free. Smoother, more natural movements... not pre=imagined or worried of what I think a male partner would like. Simply authentically sexy!
— Wild + Divine Client

Thanks for the class Robin. It was awesome. Such a safe, easy way to get back in touch with my ‘sexy self’ and Inner Power that have both been neglected for too long. I look forward to doing more of these in the future!
PS Loved the playlist as well.
— Wild + Divine Client