Practice, Practice.
Be Still.
Exist inside your body.  Pleasurably.
Approach her with curiosity.  Wonder.  Awe.
You are the Universe in motion.  Exploring herself.
Playful.  WILD + DIVINE.

Awakening your erotic power is like turning on a switch to your capacity to create the life you most desire.

You cannot awaken fully to your true potential and your authentic wholeness until you awaken to that from which you were created.

You cannot awaken fully until you feel the depths of your capacity to experience eros - passion, love, romance.

Falling in wild, passionate, divine love with yourself is the greatest gift you’ll ever offer to the world.

Wild + Divine.

Sexy + woke AF.

The dawn of the WilderWoman.

We begin on June 8th at 8pm with a live online WILD JADE EGG practice.