Live in Alignment with your Desire.

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soulful coaching and online courses for women who desire to live fully, love freely, and express wildly.

I’ll show you how to heal pleasurably so that you can invite real intimacy into your life



The Freedom Cycle is your roadmap to real intimacy. Each time around the cycle you'll deepen the relationship to your body, increase your capacity to feel pleasure and eliminate any conscious or subconsious blocks that are holding you back from having genuine human connection in your life.

Take the Freedom Cycle Quiz to see where you are on the cycle and then check out the the pleasure practices in the free workbook you’ll receive with your quiz results. These practices will help you transform pleasurably as you move through the Freedom Cycle.

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Retreats + Workshops

Your opportunity to get away from your every day life so that you can relax, rejuvenate and connect back into your authentic self while feeling supported and nourished physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Life + Sex Coaching

Those who receive coaching are 70% more likely to achieve their goals. There is immense power and opportunity in the transformative space held by a loving coach. My desire is to support you to find clarity, achieve your goals, heal areas of your life that feel stuck or painful, connect fully to your sensuality, and experience the freedom of a life lived in alignment with your desires.


“Yesssss....My body was vibrating on an entirely new level after working with Robin. She effortlessly guided me to a deep sense of clarity and aliveness in my mind. I reached out to her during a time of confusion and stuckness in my life and career. I felt safe and nurtured in the process, allowing me to see past my mental blocks. I feel so much gratitude for the time I spent with her.” - Alisia Ray, Owner Halo Healing therapies

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