Live in alignment with your desires.

Soulful coaching and online courses for women who desire to live fully, love freely, and express wildly.

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I'll show you how to heal pleasurably so that you can invite real intimacy into your life.

Online Yoga

Join our online yoga community.  Practice with us live in the comfort of your own home. Learn how to meditate, and take time to reflect on what's most important. All for one low monthly price. 


Life + Sex Coaching

Those who receive coaching are 70% more likely to achieve their goals. I'll support you to feel the freedom of a life lived in alignment with your desires.


Upcoming Events

Catch me speaking or teaching live at an event near you. Book me to speak at your event, or learn more about how we can connect live and in person!


My mission is to support you to feel deep joy through unwinding the conditioning that's holding you back from loving your body and claiming the pleasure you both desire and deserve to feel.

How to work with me.

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"Robin has a very special voice and non-judgmental nature helping to establish trust early in a relationship which is necessary for her line of work. Robin's ability to hold space was amazing and it gave me a soft place to land as I as working through some of my core wounds. Her skills, professionalism and leadership helped me to keep focused and moving forward."


Join my free course, Soothe + Nourish, now.

Soothe + Nourish is a 5 day sensual healing journey for women who are ready to embrace a new kind of self-care.


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