You deserve to feel unshakeable confidence, genuine body love and more relaxation than any Himalayan salt, essential oil infused bubble bath could ever provide.

(and have out of this world, toe-curling orgasms too!)

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Hi, I’m Robin!

Yogini, Tantrika, and Body Love Coach on a mission to help you discover life’s most magical secrets both in and out of the bedroom.

Yesssss....My body was vibrating on an entirely new level after working with Robin. She effortlessly guided me to a deep sense of clarity and aliveness in my mind. I reached out to her during a time of confusion and stuckness in my life and career. I felt safe and nurtured in the process, allowing me to see past my mental blocks. I feel so much gratitude for the time I spent with her.

— Alisia Ray, Owner HALO Healing Therapies

Sometimes, you need a break…


A time to turn inward and reflect, to let go of all the “shoulds” and simply just “be”. Like the natural world, you also have seasons. You’re a cyclical Being, flowing in and out of expansion and rest over and over again.

I’ve created a free 5 Day journey of sensual self care that will help you to nourish and soothe your nervous system. It’s a collection of my favourite healing practices that always leave me feeling balanced, grounded, grateful, and full of love.

When the going gets tough… the tough, breathe and meditate.


The practices you’ll receive in your inbox:

All photos for the Soothe + Nourish email series were taken by the very Soulful + Sensual, Jamie Woytiuk, you can learn more about her and her photography on her website: JLW Documentary

The most delicious kind of self care…


Learn how to turn up the dial on your inner wild woman who is capable of manifesting anything she wants while also developing a strong connection to meaningful spiritual practice and establishing meditative awareness with ease and pleasure.

“Wild”, meet “Divine”


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Every week I share a free mini workshop for community members covering one of the following topics:

  • Tantra

  • Yoga + Meditation

  • Sexuality

  • Relationships

  • Body Love

  • Creating rituals in your life and so much more!

Because, the unconditional love and support we find in true Sisterhood is our most powerful healing tool.