I'll show you how to blow your own mind in the bedroom


You weren't meant for an ordinary life...

So, why hire an ordinary coach? Sex Coaching is the kind of coaching you never knew you needed - until now.



Ignite Your Desire lays the foundation for you to have a deeply loving relationship with your sensuality.

You'll begin your journey toward a lifelong practice of sensual self-care & pleasurable healing that will support you to use your sexual energy as a way to feel youthful and radiant as you do all of the amazing things you want to do on this planet.


Sex Coaching


Step out of your usual patterns, side step overthinking, and get into your body to do the pleasurable healing work that will allow you to finally feel the freedom of simply. just. being. yourself.

Learn how to work with the Jade Yoni Egg, have your first orgasm without a vibrator, and/or improve desire in your long-term relationship.


Business Coaching


Pleasure into Purpose is a 3 month private coaching experience that will support you to take action on starting an online business without burning out or getting overwhelmed. 

You'll learn biz strategy alongside exploring how sexual energy can help support your nervous system & creative capacity as you take those first big steps towards launching your business online.


"Robin has been an absolute peach to work with and I'm deeply grateful for the gentle (yet, firm when necessary!) support in launching my business. Before Robin, I was floundering and felt like I was looking at a 1000 piece puzzle with no picture and missing pieces... not only has she helped me organize all the pieces, she has been a total lifesaver in guiding me to paint my own picture of how I actually want my business to be from a place of deeper authenticity and passion for what I'm offering. She is sweet, loving, and has a great sense of humour, I felt like I was working with a close friend, she will make you feel right at home. Her accountability support was exactly what I was looking for and I'm so grateful to have had her be such a big part of my launching journey! If you have any doubts about working with her, check them at the door, she's the one you've been looking for" "

Kat Wilding
Sex & Wealth Coach

"I learned that feeling happy and turned on raises your vibration and others respond to that. I didn’t realize I had fully achieved this state until my wedding day where I felt next to no self consciousness or anxiety but felt happy, glowing and completely present."

Body Love Coaching Client

"Robin’s Radiant Woman Program has helped me reconnect with my source of pleasure and feminine power. I’m deeply grateful for all the resources she’s made available to me, so I can continue to heal my blocks and experience uninhibited joy and wild orgasmic pleasure."

Business Coach & Desire Map Facilitator

"Before starting the Radiant Woman program with Robin, I was stuck, felt lifeless and disappointed in the direction my life was taking me. I desired so many things that seemed out of reach for myself, joy, more laughter and excitement. Things were blah just going through the daily routines. I had lost all connection with myself and my connection with my husband had lost its intimacy. Within the first month I felt such a dramatic shift in my perspective that I was seeing what my life is really like and was removing the humdrum veil I had put over it. There was magic everywhere, the joy and gratitude flowed. It was and still is incredible. With Robin’s gentle, kind and knowledgeable approach, this has made the experience fun and exciting. I have been given so many practical (and super fun) tools that I can use in my daily routines that make me feel like I have super powers. It can shift an entire day from blah to radiant! Working with Robin has been an incredible experience, we’ve dug deep and found things holding me back that I didn’t even realize were there. - stuck emotions, past experiences etc. and we’ve had a great time doing it!"

Radiant Woman Client

Magnetize Your First 100 Leads

Stuck on the tech & feeling overwhelmed? This special VIP offer is for you if you've got an online business and you'd like support with the tech side of starting your email list & you want to do it pleasurably.


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